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Quality mark available for showroom fitting FIRA Gold Installation for independents

The FIRA Gold Installation Scheme, a quality mark for kitchen, bedroom bathroom installation, has now been rolled out into the independent channel.

Already held by major retailers, the FIRA Gold Installation Certification has been devised to help raise standards across the industry using third party endorsement.

The certification is awarded following an annual audit to ensure all staff work to the best practice, industry standards and legislation by using a technical manual developed by FIRA. The certification also reviews the company’s complaints system to ensure its customer service meets requirements.

Contract Kitchens is the first business certified to meet the targets set by FIRA Gold Installation Certification for independent Retailers.

Managing director of Contract Kitchens, Terry Earle commented: “The FIRA Gold Certification is the highest accolade in the fitted furniture industry and is a tribute to our installation manager, Robin Brackett, and his team of installers and specialist contractors.”

He continued: “Following a successful audit of our installation procedures, we are proud to be the first privately-owned, independent company in the United Kingdom to achieve this accreditation. What is most pleasing about the audit, is that we achieved the highest possible mark of 100%. This puts us in a unique position in our market place, both locally and nationally.”

Recycling tested furniture

With the help of Recycling Furniture, FIRA now recycles a large proportion of the furniture it tests rather than sending it to landtill. FIRA is an authority on furniture and flammability testing, offering testing of furniture, materials and components to British, European and International Standards. Since T949, FIRA has developed many of the test methods which form the basis of furniture standards and regulations, such as BS 6222 (testing of domestic and contract kitchens).

Operations Manager for FIRA Testing Services Paul Soley said, “At the FIRA testing centre we test thousands of furniture products to life expectancy and in some cases destruction, testing them in terms of strength, safety, stability durability and flammability. This makes them dangerous for future use, meaning in the past FIRA had no choice but to dispose of them if they were not collected by the manufacturer.”

He added: “Sending furniture to landfill creates a huge problem for everyone involved. Not only does this harm the environment, but it’s also a massive waste of natural resources. Now FIRA are not only disposing ofthe tested products in a more convenient way, with Recycling Furniture regularly collecting the products from us, we are also disposing of the products more responsibly.”