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BSH achieves recorcd year, with positive UK growth

Manufacturer of home appliances BSH has increased its revenue by 6.4% to a total of €9.654bilIion, creating a record sales year in 2011. In its native Germany, BSH increased its revenue by 8.2% to €2.062billion, citing demand for built-in and increasing demand for energy-efficient appliances. In addition, growth was also shown in the Asian and Eastern European markets, which was 18.4% and 15.5% respectively.

Although Western Europe showed a decline in revenue of 0.7% to €3.514 billion, with a decline in Greek, Spanish and Portuguese markets; Great Britain, France, Sweden and Belgium all showed positive growth. CEO of BSH, Dr Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet emphasised: “All in all, 2011 was a very successful year for us: We continue to achieve above-average profitability. That is remarkable not least because the past year was anything but easy for the home appliance industry. In many countries, BSH was able to achieve above–average growth and strengthen its competitive edge – especially with regards to super-efficient home appliances and consumer products.”

However Cutberlet pointed out “the large-scale proliferation of super-efficent appliances is still too slow.”

KBSA welcomes Keller members

The Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association (KBSA) has welcomed Keller Kitchens as a corporate member and retailer Keller Kitchen Centre in Altrincham as a retail member.

The Dutch fumiture manufacturer has more than 75 years experience making kitchens and has been selling them into the UK since 1985. Area sales manager Peter Sherwood-Clarke commented on joining the KBSA: “Becoming a corporate member ofthe KBSA  allows us to join forces with the KBSA members, by offering them a superb range of quality kitchens that are adaptable to suit a variety of consumer tastes, designs and budgets. Keller has a clear policy only to operate in the independent kitchen specialist channel.

And therefore specialists are able to sell our products confidently and with a high degree of exclusivity away from the major high street players. lt can only mean there cou|dn’t be a better organisation than the KBSA for us to  be aligned to, helping us to expand our current network of approved dealerships and growing the business to our mutual benefit.

“Acknowledging we will all face tough and challenging times ahead, it’s no better time to start to forge trading partnerships with associations such as the KBSA and its members to add value to all our businesses. “Over the coming months we look forward to making contact with the members and building a number of trading relationships.”

BSH appoints customer service head:

Parent company of Bosch, Siemens, Neff and Gaggenau brands, BSH has appointed Brendan Bulfin as head of customer services in the UK. He succeeds Bernard Volke who held the post for nine years and now has moved to the head office in Munich to run all overseas customer service operations for the group.

Bulfin is re-joining BSH UK, having originally worked for the group as national service manager with a remit to re-structure the UK services division. He then went to work in California, where he created a  framework for customer service in North America, as the company’s tirst director of sen/ice in the USA.

Prior to BSH, Bulfin worked in white and brown goods, for companies which included Thorn EMI, Granada and DHL. Bulfin commented: “In this economic climate, the service support behind the product is more important than ever: Our customers have chosen our brands and that gives us a duty to ensure their experience of our service is memorable for all the right reasons.”

He continued: “We are  constantly innovating to further improve our customer service. We need to maximise every opportunity. We have to get closer to our customers because that is the key to ensuring they come back to us in the future when they are purchasing a new.”

BSH is the current holder of the TEQ Customer Service Award for the Best White Goods Service in the UK kitchen appliance industry, presented by Domestic & General lnsurers (DGI). It is the third consecutive year that BSH has won the TEQ Customer Service Award.

BSH scoops supplier of the year

Europe’s largest buying group for consumer electronics, Euronics International has named BSH as Supplier of the Year, within the large home appliance category, for the sixth year in succession. Euronics acts as an umbrella organisation for more than 11,000 specialist retailers in 29 countries and members choose their supplier ofthe year in four categories. Suppliers are assessed upon their sales organisation, marketing support, supply capacity, dependability and customer services.

Thomas Baader, vice president of international sales at BSH, accepted the award and said: “We are  extremely proud to have received this award, as it is the result of work carried out by many individual BSH employees in a huge number of divisions, and it also demonstrates the high standards of quality that we  set for ourselves in our business operations. The fact that we have been honoured yet again is a clear indication ofthe sustainability that we are keen to foster, particularly in dealing and co-operating with our retail partners.”

BSH implores government action on eco appliances

At the recent BSH press conference on its annual financial report, chief executive officer Dr Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet implored  governments to help manufacturers promote energy efficient appliances. He reported that manufacturers have worked to create appliances offering the highest  energy efficiency ratings: “By developing high-efficiency appliances, the industry has done much of the necessary preliminary work. “l/Ianufacturers such as BSH have for years been investing in the relevant technologies and marketing devices aimed at a wide spectrum of buyers. Super-efficient appliances offering the promise of minimal energy consumption have long since ceased to be merely a niche product and are consequently playing a decisive role in climate protection.

After all, around 80-95% of environmental pollution caused by home appliances occurs during the utilisation phase.” He continued: “Given the debate raging around nuclear energy and the prospect of a speedy exit from the nuclear program, the issue of energy saving has moved even further under the spotlight. We can read about it every day in the media. The contribution we can and will make as home appliance manufacturers is to continue to improve energy efficiency.” Dr Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet offered statistics from Germany which indicated the amount of energy which could be saved if households with 10 year old appliances swapped to the  most efficient. He said: “A German household, we calculated, could save almost a quarter of its annual power consumption, for example, by replacing these old appliances with super-efficient home appliances.

This equates to potential savings of 44billion kWh of electricity across the whole of Europe, an amount corresponding to just under the entire annual power consumption of Portugal.” He implored European governments to help tackle energy efficiency by encouraging consumers to buy eco-friend|y appliances with incentive schemes. Gutberlet said: “This makes it all the more difficult for me to comprehend why energy efficiency plays such a minor role in the political area. We are of the conviction it should be the task of government to appeal to the consumer rather than simply relying on industry and the consumer to tackle this issue under their own steam. In terms of both energy consumption and climate change policy, government incentive schemes to encourage the sale of energy-efficent appliances would be warmly welcomed. After all: The best electricity is the kind that isn’t used.”

BSE achieves rcccgrd sales growth

At its annual Hnancial conference, BSH reported record revenue and profit for 2010, citing its technological edge, particularly in energy-efficient home appliances, as a contributing factor By 2010. The company was already generating half its revenue with super-efficient home appliances. Revenue rose in 2010 by 8% to over £9billion, while its EBIT increased by almost €170million to top €700million.

ln Western Europe, excluding Germany, BSH increased its  revenue by 2.9% to reach a total of €3.540billion in 2010. Sales of home appliances had also risen in the UK by nearly 4%. Speaking at the conference, chief executive officer of BSH, Dit Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet said: “Today, BSH may claim to be the market leader in the field of efficient home appliances and also in the built- in/built-under secton:” ln 2010, and across Europe, the company invested in energy efficiency, with production of energy efficient refrigerators in  Spain and Turkey.

In fact, BSH revealed its latest A+++ range of cooling appliances for Bosch and Siemens brands in a pop-up showroom in Munich. Helping to achieve its record balance sheet, the company stockpiled mw materials and used these to fund growth, at low cost, keeping product prices stable for consumers in 2010. However; member ofthe board of managementjohannes Nager pointed out raw materials cost would be a challenge in 20ll 1 “We  can therefore not exclude a price increase for our products in 2011.   Dit Kurt-Ludwig Gutberlet forecasted further success for BSH Group: “BSH has got off to a good start in 2011, with a 7% increase in turnover in comparison with the first four months of the prior year. Overall, we are currently assuming that our revenue will increase by around 5% in 2011. He concluded by imploring governments to create incentive schemes for energy-efficient appliances.

MD Martin Carroll leaves Impey UK:

Newly-appointed managing director of Impey UK, Martin Carroll has left for personal reasons, having been in the job for five months. He has been succeeded by Steve Cent who has joined the company, as commerical director; from Aqata.

Prior to joining Impey UK, Carroll had worked with brands including Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard and Ideal Bathrooms. Carroll had re-aligned the team at Impey UK to give greater focus on each market sector Impey UK will now expand on  its wetroom products into showering with the launch of Impey Showers which will offer enclosures and panels, trays and showering accessories. All products are featured in a brochure, for use by retailers and consumers, and shown in inspirational room settings.

Homestyle Bathrooms changes its name:

Supplier of designer bathroom products, Homestyle Bathrooms has changed its name to Bathroom Origins, to better reflect what it can offer its customers. The company was founded 16 years ago supplying bathroom products for homes, hotels and commercial developments.

Co-founder of the newly- named Bathroom Origins, Sofia Charalambous said: “We’re very excited by the change. Homestyle just doesn’t reflect what we are or do for our clients; quite frankly it sounds a bit boring and chintzy!  “Bathroom Origins gives us the opportunity to extend what we’ve been doing, sourcing even more gorgeous products that don’t cost the earth, so our customers can offer their clients a bathroom ‘wow’ factor which won’t break the bank!”