How can I get money from customers

Question: Like other retailers I have experienced a real resistance from some customers to pay their final payment once the project is completed. What actions can I take to minimise the chance of this happening?

This has been an issue for retailers for over ten years, but unfortunately it seems to have increased significantly during the recession. There is always the chance that a customer may become particularly pernickety and fussy towards the end of a project as there are occasions when they may realise they have pushed themselves too fan and see this as a way of saving some money.

The best way to minimise the number of these situations is to be totally up front with the customer from the very beginning. Ensure they are well aware of all costs and give them realistic timings so that at no point do they feel let down. Manage the customers expectations throughout and if the job does incur any extra materials or work that are not included in the original quotation, it is important to keep the customer informed of any price implications. lf this is a substantial amount then it is always advisable to agree any changes in writing.

Work hard to build a relationship and trust with each customer throughout each project as they are more likely to remain satisfied if they are kept well-informed. Another tip is to ensure your Htters are ambassadors for your company, as the customer will be seeing them on a daily basis. KBSA membership adds credibility to your business and is a major advantage during these tough times when people are very careful where they spend their money. Finally, members who offer the KBSA ConsumerCare Plus protection scheme, have an additional safeguard, as the warranty does not take effect until the customer has paid for their installation in full.”