Problem solved

I’m looking to create a point of difference in my kitchen designs, so I can offer something different to the retailers and designers in my area. What would your experts suggest I consider?

ERGONOMICS Andy Stock says… The philosophy of tomorrow’s kitchen is about making it fit the user’s needs for functionality and movement. Ergonomics can be introduced into any style kitchen with compact, stationary and noiseless units adding flexibility and motion. Traditional ‘English’ kitchens are designed for their appeal and authenticity however, users still want to incorporate innovative solutions from concealed island units to hidden plasma screens. Modern kitchens can incorporate electric linear actuators to enhance space solutions, for example hidden shelving which can be used to separate the kitchen from an open plan dining area.

The kitchen needs to be a  functional area for the whole family, suitable for all age groups and abilities. The introduction of effective ergonomics will encourage the home for life philosophy which is being introduced, enabling the house to effectively develop as the family lifecycle changes and therefore helping to improve way of life. Kitchen ergonomics is only limited by imagination, there are endless possibilities:

• Ease access to wall cupboards. When hands free opening or lowering of cupboards is required, electric linear actuators can be incorporated to provide easy accessito larger, heavier cupboards

• Make kitchen tables fit the use different heights of user requiri different working heights.

• Add comfort to activity tables Tables in your kitchen fit many purposes when the height is adjustable. Raise the table to a comfortable level while preparin: a meal. The activity table is alsc ideal for family participation.

• Hide extractor hoods. Why destroy the view, when it is possible to store away the extractor hoods? Hiding of extractor hoods offers new design opportunities.

Extract hoods are required, but they are often in the way. Store it away while not in use, and your kitchen reveals its best side.