Showrooms can help save water

Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specia|ist Association (KBSA) members can now benefit from the Water Efficiency Product Labelling Scheme (WEPLS),set up by Watervvise and the Bathroom Manufacturers Assocation (BMA).

WEPLS provides access to a database of bathroom products, which will reduce water and energy usage, saving consumers money.  The database allows retailers and consumers to compare products which meet the industry standards for water efficiency. ln addition, KBSA members can also register for free to become a scheme   stockist, enabling consumers to identify  where to purchase water-efficient bathroom products. CEO of the KBSA, Graham Ball commented: “We are delighted to be supporting this scheme.This is an important issue for both consumers and businesses who want to be more environmentally friendly and save money as well.” He continued: “The water efficiency labelling scheme will make it easier for consumers to find water efficient products and will encourage retailers to stock the most efficient ones. KBSA retailers are sure to benefit from joining this scheme and it is a great advantage that they can register for free through their KBSA membership.”

Brassware manufacturer Deva now has 86 of its products listed on the Bathroom Manufacturers Associations (BMA) Water Efficiency Product Labelling Scheme (WEPLS).This includes taps and shower controls for both domestic and commercial markets.

The Motif, Ikon, Insignia and Milan brassware ranges have all been listed on the database of water efncient bathroom products. And these have been joined by its GE7000 and AZ7000 shower control models. All Deva taps and shower valves, registered on the scheme, are compliant with a maximum flow rate for taps of up to 10 litres a minute and the maximum flow rate for shower controls of up to 13 litres a minute.

Acting marketing manager for Deva, Vicki Newsome  commented: “This is the first batch of Deva products to be listed on the BMAWater Efhciency Product Labelling Scheme. At Deva we take water efficiency very seriously, so joining the scheme is a natural progression.” She added: “Now, it’ll be even easier for trade customers and consumers to tind out about water efficient products. We expect to register more products on the scheme in the near future.”