BCG charity challenge

Leaving a legacy helped London win its 2012 Olympic bid and has spurred BCG’s Big Campaign, a charity initiative supporting Action for Children. It aims to co-ordinate and provide kitchens or bathrooms by raising funds and product donations for 14 projects across the UK.

Managing director of BCC, Chris Honer explained: “What we wanted to do was leave some sort of legacy within each town and city that we visit. That’s why we’ve linked in closely with the Wolseley lightside charity, which is Action for Children? Although the initial idea was to take a project in each town or city and donate a total of five kitchens or bathrooms, so great was the need of Action for Children, BCG chose to take on an additional 9 projects.

Rather than asking for donations at its Big Tour event, BCG is asking for your help, now. This is so by the time the roadshow event takes place in November; the 14 projects have been completed and the results of the fundraising can be on show.

Call to Action

Action for Children, formally the National Childrens Home, campaigns to change the lives of vulnerable and neglected children and young people across the UK. It provides services for the disabled, homeless, and those who are carers  for their families. BCG has selected 14 of these projects (see box) which need new kitchen and bathroom facilities and it is looking for cash, product or donations of time to complete the installations. These projects span from replacing an appliance, through to the donation of a whole kitchen.

Starting with success

The BCG Big Campaign has already started successfully, with sixteen kitchen appliances donated by Glen Dimplex Home Appliances. john Wallace of Dundee Family Support commented: “We have received a washing machine and a fridge freezer from the Big Campaign for a young family who had to move into a home without these appliances. This is a position we often find families in because it takes time to get help from a social fund and it means children are living in chaotic situations. The Big Campaign pulled out all the stops and came up with the goods. It was a fantastic undertaking” In addition, there have also been donations of complete kitchens from retailers Wittering West in Kettering and junction 2 Interiors in Oldbury, plus a complete bathroom donated by Twyford Bathrooms. Abode, Franke, Aga Rangemaster 2020 Fusion and InSinkErator have also offered donations and the event fundraising will culminate in a charity gala dinner evening, the Essential Night Out. Managing director of BCG, Chris Honer concludes: “This has become more than raising money for charity, no matter how small or large a donation you make, you should feel incredibly proud to be making a difference. Up-to-date kitchen equipment shouldn’t be a luxury; it should be a minimum standard in these homes, not as is in some cases over 10 years old. But I also want to stress, this isn’t just about delivering a place to cook meals, it’s about providing an environment for these children to learn and develop life skills. Our industry has the ability to change lives and I urge you to please give generously and help us make a difference to the lives of children that can’t help themselves.”