Company matters May 2012

We decided to run CPD Seminars because we identilied that there is a need to bring architects closer to kitchen designers. We feel that if we offer to host the seminars in our independent kitchen specialist’s showrooms, the attendees will be able to associate better the intricacies of what they leam about kitchen manufacture and design.

They will be able to see kitchens in situ and discuss the design qualities of the units and the varying styles and how they are best implemented. Each seminar will take place during a lunch break or an after work session, so they are usen friendly and will not impede too much on the architects day. Each event will give architects a unique opportunity to meet designers and tiling specialists so that they can discuss technical queries and even projects they are working on.

We are conducting CPD seminars on this subject matter so we are naturally interested and keen to see how it is received. We believe that we can extend this service to interior designers as they are often the conduit between an architect and ‘ kitchen designer during a project. Traditionally we find that architects will sometimes design all the structural elements of a home, but the kitchen selection and planning processes may not be a priority. Therefore we feel that it will be beneficial for them to be introduced to kitchen specialists who can promote and educate about kitchen design within our industry.

This should result in a win-win situation for all as they have an opportunity to work more closely together to ensure that kitchens become a more important element when planning a dwelling, after all kitchens ultimately help sell the properties.

So how can architects learn from kitchen designers? Well, kitchen designers are often regarded as interior architects as they have an intrinsic knowledge of furniture, as well as overall design, which can help architects and their clients make the best of available space by integrating a kitchen with the structure of a building, albeit a sympathetic refurbishment or a contemporary new build.

The CPD seminars will look at how kitchen design originated and will also cover the history of overall kitchen development, as well as  current design consideration and common mistakes to avoid. We also plan to look at colour influences, materials used and what to look for to make these elements work in harmony with each other To a lesser degree, we also cover appliances and how important they are in the overall scheme.

We feel that architects who attend our seminars will have a positive, educational and fun experience, furthermore they will gain a points contribution that will help them reach their annual CPD points targets.