The bathroom en-suite

The pressures on a family bathroom, particularly at peak times like the morning rush hour, can be considerable. ln such circumstances, it would be a rare family that wouldnt welcome the addition of an extra bathroom. A bedroom with an en suite bathroom also adds a touch of luxury: it’s good to be able to pamper yourself with your very own facilities, close to dressing and sleeping areas, and to enjoy the privacy of being able to move from one area to another without the bother of putting on clothes and a public face:

Planning ahead installing a bathroom involves expense, but it should add value to your house unless you have to lose a bedroom in the process. In a large home, with bedrooms surplus to normal family needs, replacing a small bedroom with an extra bathroom might well enhance the desirability of the property, as well as being of beneht to the current occupants. Otherwise it may be a better investment to spend a little more in the first place to achieve the optimum compromise of bedroom and bathroom.

To avoid losing a bedroom, consider moving a shared wall to take space from two adjoining bedrooms. lf you have to reconcile yourself to positioning the new bathroom completely within your bedroom, there are several ingenious systems that ·provide bathroom facilities for tiny areas. Even a simple shower cubicle in a bedroom corner will help relieve the morning queue. It’s important to get advice from a qualifed plumber from the outset. To keep down costs, make use of existing plumbing as far as you are able. Plumbing additions or alterations must comply with water by-laws, and changes to the waste system have to conform to building regulations: your local authority will be able to advise.