Generating footfall to your showroom

Help! I need to generate footfail into my kitchen studio. Can you offer any suggestions?

I meet many kitchen studios every week and the one problem they all have is how to increase footfall, which has dropped off a cliff. No studio can sit back and rely on word of mouth to generate business anymore, but many simply do not know how to go about marketing. Studios all tend to want a quick fix for the problem and l see a lot of initiatives executed poorly, but the main thing is to be proactive. Take action now. lt may appear that some of these initiatives do not pay dividends in the immediate term, but you must also look at the long term needs of the business.

Studios need to anchor themselves in the local geography so residents know where they are and what they offer: When they are in the market for a new kitchen, they’ll seek you out. This way you will also piggy back on the national advertising from the sheds that helps drive demand and gives studios an opportunity to quote. And we know that any kitchen studio can offer superior service and design, often the deal breakers. Employ best practice and marketing will work for you.

There are hundreds of good sites and blogs out there, written by expensive marketing consultants just giving away their knowledge. My advice is to conduct simple and efficient marketing communication campaigns, following best practice. You need a headline message, an offer and a reason to call you. The headline positions the studio in the mind ofthe consumer and the offer drives action – visit your website or call you. Too often studios rely on the media sales team to design their ads and they are not experts.

The design of your advert speaks volumes about the design capabilities of the studio in the minds of the consumer Don’t forget direct mail; it works and it is cost effective – cherry pick postcodes that will suit the product you sell and make sure you give them a reason to contact you, e.g. Call for a FREE copy of our new brochure. Do the basics well, but do them now. What are you waiting for?