Keep the shine in your bathroom

My customers are always disappointed when their new kitchen or bathroom starts to lose its shine and the appliances do not work as effectively. What can I suggest to help them keep their kitchen or bathroom looking and running like new?

A new kitchen or bathroom is a significant investment, yet many lose their sparkling taps and gleaming worktops within a matter of weeks due to a build- up of limescale in hard water areas. Limescale not only ruins the look of kitchens and bathrooms, it can significantly reduce the efficiency of appliances, such as washing machines and showerheads.

Hard water areas in the UK contain high levels of calcium and magnesium carbonate. When hard water is heated, for example in washing machines, electric showers, kettles or in immersion storage tanks, the calcium and magnesium form a crust on surfaces they come into contact with. This limescale can also form on worktops, showerheads and taps, making them unattractive and harder to clean. In addition, limescale can decrease the efficiency of appliances and lead to expensive repair bills or costs to replace broken products. Installing a water softener is the perfect solution to avoid all these problems and keep kitchens and bathrooms looking great and appliances running smoothly. Water softeners work by removing the calcium and magnesium ions through an ion exchange process.

Unlike most other water softeners, Kinetico systems provide a continuous supply of softened water due to its twin tank design; while one tank is working, the other is being cleaned with a salt solution to remove the calcium and magnesium ions. The patented Kinetico control valve measures the soft water used and only regenerates on demand, making them very efficient. No electricity is required to run Kinetico water softeners because they are powered by the kinetic force of  moving waten which means they are easier to install and have no associated electricity costs. In many cases, kitchen and bathroom design companies do not consider the damaging effects of hard water during the creation and specification phase.

Fortunately, this is changing as an increasing number of companies are offering water softening equipment to their customers because expensive taps and granite worktops are kept looking beautiful, appliances work for longer and their reputation is not tarnished by limescale.