KBSA launches Guide to Energy Labelling

The KBSA (Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom Specialists Association) has launched a guide explaining the recent changes to energy labels, to help retailers advise customers on energy ratings.

The guide, compiled in association with corporate member Swift UK, also gives guidance on the impact of buying more energy-efficient appliances. The new EU Labelling came into force in june 2011 and provides information on the energy consumption of appliances, as manufacturers introduce ever more energy-efficient appliances.

The labelling now features the  introduction of A+, A+++ and A++ categories to the existing A-G energy ratings. ln addition, it includes the amount of energy that the appliance uses in an hour (kWh).

Sales and marketing director of the KBSA, Ruth Ward commented: “Saving energy to reduce household costs is a growing issue and our guide will give retailers advice on how to help consumers understand the impact of the new labelling and make better informed, energy-eifficient choices.” She continued: “We know from our most recent research that environmental issues are important across the board when investing in kitchens and bathrooms. With energy prices averaging Bp per kWh in 2010 and set to almost double by 2015, it’s certainly worth investing in energy-saving appliances.” The guide is available to download from the KBSA website.