The design brief or what Bisazza?

What was your design brief or what did Bisazza ask you to achieve with the collection?

We were in agreement from the start of the collaboration as we wanted to create an innovative, modular system that would allow, first of all, a very special and glamorous design and secondly, some variations and options that would be adequate for various situations.

What was your starting point?

Our starting point was to evaluate weaknesses in traditional bathroom systems. I’ve always found them to be too clinical and lacking of beauty and identity. I had the intention of using metal tubes to create the structure that would link the components.The idea of combining high quality materials like lacquered woods, bevelled mirrors, marble and glass was clear from the start. Once there, it was all about dreaming about options.

Can you explain your design process for the collection?

Like always, the departure point was the sketchbook where I can dream. I made infinite sketches or possibilities which we then tried out with renders.After the collection was clearer; we went to prototyping the first element; the console and mirror and from then on it was a very long and dynamic process of prototyping, correcting and moving forward.

How long did the whole process take from initial idea to final product?

We worked intensively for at least two years on this coIIection;the concept was started even before.| would say this collection is the result of three years of work.

Which was the most difficult product to design?

Ironically we had most difficulties with the simple item;the shower Finding a way to make it simple, interesting and adaptable was not simple but eventually we got there.

And which product in the collection is your favourite?

I love the structure of the sink and mirror in all its variants. I think it is very special and innovative. What does this bathroom collection offer that perhaps others may not? Style, quality and personality.

How does designing a bathroom compare with your other work?

It is always about seeing things from another perspective and coming up with a different approach to the same problem. This approach is the same when designing a chain a lamp or a bathroom collection.

What did you learn?

A lot: It is an intense learning curve and for me learning about the subject is always the most interesting part of a project. Personally, I try to listen to the producers and understand their concerns as their input on the subject is always valuable.

Who or what inspires you?

There is a great deal of inspiration sources for me. Recentlyl have been very interested in the aesthetics from the 30s, 50s and 60s.The qualities and shapes have such strength and elegance that are very inspiring. Aside from this, I find nature, history and art to be the greatest inspiration sources of all.

Would you say you have a signature style?

I think my style is very clear and visible.There is a continuation and a character palpable throughout all my works.The humour; the innovation, the love for organic and feminine shapes and the emphasis on quality materials and working with artisans is a constant characteristic.

What product would you most like to have designed?

There are so many outstanding designs in history it is difficult to become jealous of any one in particular I admire designs and designers whose work is recognisable and that always bring that additional humanity to pieces.